Hacks for Finding Cheap Round Trip Flights to New York

  • Cheap Round Trip Flights to New York

    New York City: the city that never sleeps. The concrete jungle where dreams are made real...and also a place that can put a serious dent in your wallet. But fear not, budget travelers! Scoring cheap round trip flights to the Big Apple is possible with a little know-how.
  • ### Be Flexible with Airports New York has three major airports: JFK, LaGuardia, and Newark. While JFK may be the first in mind, expanding your search to include the three airports can open up more options. Think about which places you want to visit and choose the airport that best suits your itinerary. ### Play the Shoulder Season Shuffle Tourist season in New York is most of the time in spring, summer, and fall. Consider shoulder seasons (spring and fall) when flight prices tend to dip. You might find a cheap deal in the winter season. That is, if you like the cold weather and appreciate the festive charm of the city during the holidays. ### Be a Weekday Warrior Weekend flights are almost always pricier. If you can swing it, be a weekday warrior and buy a ticket on a Tuesday or Wednesday, returning on a Tuesday or Wednesday. You might get a surprise when checking the savings! ### Become a Shining Example of Loyalty Joining frequent flyer programs can help you to earn points for cheaper flights. Many programs also offer perks like free checked bags or priority boarding. ### Appreciate the Itchy feet There are many websites and apps designed to help you find flight deals. Be open to departure airports near your hometown and consider nearby cities to New York. Sometimes flying to Philadelphia or Newark can be cheaper. After that, you can ride to Manhattan in a train. ### The Power of Patience Flight prices fluctuate often. Once you have a flexible travel window in mind, use price trackers offered by travel websites. These tools will track flight prices and alert you when there's a drop. ### The Last Minute Stratagem This strategy isn't for the faint of heart. Sometimes airlines offer fire sales on unsold seats close to departure. This helps only if you have some flexibility and can pack on short notice. There's a risk involved, but the reward could be a rock-bottom price on your flight to New York! For example, Rachel from Seattle scored a last-minute deal for $99 round trip.

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