A Magical Experience Celebrating Birthdays at Disneyland

Celebrating Birthdays at Disneyland

When it comes to celebrating birthdays, Disneyland offers a fascinating experience that transcends the ordinary. Whether it's your own special day or a child's, Disneyland ensures that your celebration is filled with magic, even if it's not on the exact date of your birth!

Start the Celebration at City Hall

Start-off your birthday festivities by visiting City Hall, conveniently situated in Town Square. On arrival, you will receive a Birthday Sticker or button, a magic token that tells everyone at Disneyland that you deserve special attention.

Dining Delights for Your Special Day

Make your birthday extra memorable by dining at one of Disneyland’s full-service restaurants. Make certain to order the Birthday Bucket, a delicious collection of Disney treats followed by a cake, all for around twenty dollars. For a fun-filled start to your day, have breakfast at Goofy’s Kitchen, where you can also get a Birthday Bag for just five dollars.

Special Treatment from Disney Characters

One of the highlights of celebrating your birthday at Disneyland is the special treatment from Disney Characters throughout the park. They will make your day even more unforgettable with personalised interactions and photo opportunities. Do not forget to capture these magical moments—take plenty of pictures to immortalise the occasion.

Maximizing Your Birthday Magic

To ensure your birthday is truly magical, do not hesitate to let the Disneyland staff know it’s your special day. While the Birthday Sticker will commonly alert them, a kind reminder never hurts. Appreciate the festive spirit and relish in the extra attention, making your birthday celebration a treasured memory.


Celebrating a birthday at Disneyland is a magical experience filled with unique adventures and enchanting surprises. From special dining options to personal interactions with beloved characters, Disneyland transforms your special day into an astonishing celebration. So, put on your Birthday Sticker, engulf yourself in the enchantment, and create lasting memories in the happiest place on earth.