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Focus on November Favorites

Because it's becoming colder outdoors, we're taking advantage of the opportunity to fill our spaces with uplifting scents. We're toasting the air with our favorite November scents, which bring the outdoors indoors and remind us of seasonal spices, holiday treats, and upcoming traditions! What are your favorite scents for November? Cranberries Spice — A wonderful combination of citrus and spice dances with fresh cranberry. With cranberries, toasty cinnamon, and spicy clove dappled with sweet mandarin orange drops, get set for the holidays. Brown Sugar & Fig — A caramelized brown sugar base coats sun-ripened, sweetened figs. This Bath & Body Works fragrance is well-balanced, with sweet and musky elements that will pique your interest. Homemade Pumpkin Pie — In a sugary vanilla base, a delectable blend of fresh pumpkin, orange, sweet coconut, and spices. It smells exactly like your favorite pumpkin pie. The aroma of a freshly made Dutch apple pie will tickle your nose.