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Choosing a Soap Base for Melt and Pour

Breakdown of the Bases There is a lot of variety for you to build your soap creations on with over 30 melt and pour soap bases to choose from. Both SFIC and Stephenson make excellent soap bases, and I must say that I enjoy them both equally. Stephenson is based in the United Kingdom, while SFIC is based in the United States. In smaller quantities, Stephenson brand soap bases come in a convenient 2 pound plastic container, and SFIC soaps are wrapped in 1 pound blocks. There are also quantities of 12, 25, and 40 pound blocks available for when you are ready to invest in a larger operation. You'll be pleased with whichever brand you choose. I'll never forget my first days at Bulk as a customer service product trainer, wading through pages and pages of soap making products on our website. These items piqued my interest right away, and it wasn't long after I got my first paycheck that I decided to invest in some products to try. I've always loved handmade soap and would buy