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Decorate Your Way to a Scary Halloween

  (Family Features) While the traditional glowing jack-o'-lantern is one of Halloween's most recognizable symbols, pumpkins can be used in a variety of other creative ways. You can dress them up with glitter and ribbon for a more elegant look, or create a seasonal centerpiece by grouping a series of pumpkins in a variety of shapes and colors. You could even paint a pumpkin black and use it to count down the days until Halloween. Creepy children's crafts: Get little ghosts and goblins in the Halloween spirit with hand-made decorations that combine sweet and spooky elements in your seasonal decor. Fold a black piece of construction paper in half and trace the hand and wrist of a child, extending the wrist over the folded edge. Cut along the traced line, leaving the fold intact, and you'll have a bat to decorate when you unfold the paper. Attach eyes and string to the tops of the wings to allow for hanging and display. Gross and ghoulish: The best Halloween displays all sh