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A Masterful Game Day Menu

 Rally the Crowd with a Masterful Game Day Menu (Family Features)   On game day, scoring big necessitates championship-level meals and snacks that keep the audience fueled and ready to go. You can bring your tailgate inside with these baked dishes that make homegating a breeze so you can concentrate on the big game. Each of these recipes takes less than an hour in the kitchen, from a salsa-based dip and chicken wings to sweet brownies for celebrating victory. When it comes to tackling a tailgate buffet, time management is crucial, so these delectable dishes are ideal play calls on game day.  More tailgate and homegate recipe ideas can be found here, visit . Just Wing It At your next tailgate, skip the flatware and go straight for a fan favorite that only requires your hands and a stack of napkins: wings. These Game Day Chicken Wings are excellent for eaters of all types, whether you pick through your pieces or clean each wing to the bone. The dish is simple to c

Great Game Day Grub

  (Family Features) While you may not be able to enjoy game day with thousands of your closest friends at the stadium this year, that doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy tailgate-worthy grub at home with a smaller group of friends and loved ones. Step up your home-gate with an appetizing pre-game lineup featuring customized hot dogs and bratwursts as the main course with other plate-filling appetizers on the side to keep the noshing going right up to game time like bacon-wrapped potatoes, sweet cinnamon churros and a savory take on guacamole. Find more game day recipes worth cheering about at . Build-Your-Own Brat Bar A simple and tasty main course, hot dogs and bratwursts are mainstays on game day and can be easily topped and customized to match each guests’ taste buds, regardless of age. Consider setting out a variety of garnishes and topping options such as these: Ketchup Mustard Relish Onions Chili Nacho cheese Shredded cheese Jalapeno