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Lucky Mint Brownie Perfection

  ( How lucky you must be to come across this recipe in time for St. Patrick’s Day. This one is a twisted combination of mint and sweet chocolate that’s sure to have almost anyone’s taste buds screaming “yum.” This dessert might be the pot of gold at the end of your rainbow this year. These Mint Brownies have three delicious layers. First, a supreme brownie on bottom. Then a fluffy, green mint layer that’s full of flavor and color. Last, but definitely not least, a chocolate layer on top made with chocolate chips, butter and a little whipping cream. All these layers create a smooth, sweet, minty, bite-sized dessert perfect for any occasion but especially St. Patrick’s Day. The green mint color pops off the plate, giving it some extra flare and an appetizing glow. To start, create the soft, chocolate filled brownie. Combine brownie mix, vegetable oil, one egg, water and the chocolate syrup pouch. Bake and cool completely. Then it’s time for some colorful, festive fu