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Make Candles in Canning Jars

These beautiful canning jar candles with the pretty ribbon and potpourri have been around for a long time, and we have seen them. If you want to make your own canning jar candles, you only need to buy a few cheap things from your local craft store or buy them on the internet. You'll need wide-mouth canning jars, ribbon, potpourri, votive candles with holders, and a hot glue gun to make these gifts for your friends. Add some charm to your dinner table by making your own candles in canning jars to use as a centerpiece. You can also give them to family and friends as gifts. To start, put some potpourri in the jar and then close the lid. If you want to, you can add things like dried apples or cinnamon sticks to your oatmeal. This means that when you put the candle holder on top, it should be level with the jar's lid. Make sure the candle fits in the holder. This is the next step. Glue a ribbon around the top of the canning jar. You can make your canning jar candles even more unique