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The world’s first science-backed Dutch Oven, launches exclusively on Kickstarter

  PRESS RELEASE 19th October 2021, London  –  FIREUP, the company behind the world’s first science-backed Dutch oven, today launches a Kickstarter campaign offering customers an exclusive opportunity to purchase the FIREUP Dutch oven. The one-of-a-kind cooking pot is the first real innovation in cast iron cookware in nearly a century; its patented finned design not only looks iconic but significantly outperforms traditional Dutch ovens in efficiency and heat distribution. While conventional cookware only heats from the bottom, FIREUP cookware is different. The unique finned design guides heat across the bottom and up the sides of the FIREUP Dutch oven, resulting in more efficient and even heat distribution, preserving the aroma and flavour of food. The design upgrade creates an oven-like, even cooking experience with  superior  heat conduction and retention. FIREUP uses science-based innovation to upgrade cookware classics. Its first product is the FIREUP Dutch oven, available for p