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The world’s first science-backed Dutch Oven, launches exclusively on Kickstarter

  PRESS RELEASE 19th October 2021, London  –  FIREUP, the company behind the world’s first science-backed Dutch oven, today launches a Kickstarter campaign offering customers an exclusive opportunity to purchase the FIREUP Dutch oven. The one-of-a-kind cooking pot is the first real innovation in cast iron cookware in nearly a century; its patented finned design not only looks iconic but significantly outperforms traditional Dutch ovens in efficiency and heat distribution. While conventional cookware only heats from the bottom, FIREUP cookware is different. The unique finned design guides heat across the bottom and up the sides of the FIREUP Dutch oven, resulting in more efficient and even heat distribution, preserving the aroma and flavour of food. The design upgrade creates an oven-like, even cooking experience with  superior  heat conduction and retention. FIREUP uses science-based innovation to upgrade cookware classics. Its first product is the FIREUP Dutch oven, available for p

Agregue Entusiasmo Al Verano Con Nature's Oil

Se puede decir que somos locos, pero ¿es demasiado pronto para empezar a soñar con el otoño? Es la época del año que más nos gusta en Naure's Oil y, aunque estamos disfrutando absolutamente de la diversión del verano, tenemos que confesar que ahora estamos contentos con la idea de oler a especias de calabaza, calentarnos junto a fogatas envueltos en mantas y hacer que nuestros hijos posen para fotografías en parches de calabazas.   ¡¡No podemos ... esperar !! Dicho esto, antes de empezar a sacar los suéteres de lana, limpiar nuestras botas de goma y  adornándonos con bufandas, nos detenemos para estar presentes en lo que queda del verano y, al mismo tiempo, condimentarlo con una nueva receta de jabón que recuerda a nuestra época favorita del año que pronto aparecerá. Si te sientes astuto y entusiasta por el otoño, prueba nuestra receta de jabón para derretir y verter inspirada en Spice Shop: Ingredientes y herramientas Molde de silicona para jabón 1 libra de base de jabón para derr

La Preparación De Café

El café es una bebida, la cual se hace con semillas tostadas. Estas semillas tambien se conocen como granos de café. El contenido de cafeína en el café tiene un efecto estimulante en los seres humanos. Esta es la razon por lo que se ha convertido en la bebida más popular del mundo.  Para hacer café, las bayas de café maduras se recogen, se procesan y despues se ponen a secar. Después las semillas se tuestan a diversos grados, para conseguir diferentes sabores. Las semillas son luego molidas. El café molido se elabora para obtener una taza de café perfecta. Para preparar café hay muchas formas diferentes. Se dice que el método implementado para preparar café es importante por sus efectos sobre la salud. Instrucciones para preparar café Hay tres métodos principales que se utilizan para preparar café, hervir, escalonar o preparar a presión. En estos días, el café por goteo también se ha vuelto muy popular. La preparación de café utilizando el método de ebullición fue el primer método util

A Masterful Game Day Menu

 Rally the Crowd with a Masterful Game Day Menu (Family Features)   On game day, scoring big necessitates championship-level meals and snacks that keep the audience fueled and ready to go. You can bring your tailgate inside with these baked dishes that make homegating a breeze so you can concentrate on the big game. Each of these recipes takes less than an hour in the kitchen, from a salsa-based dip and chicken wings to sweet brownies for celebrating victory. When it comes to tackling a tailgate buffet, time management is crucial, so these delectable dishes are ideal play calls on game day.  More tailgate and homegate recipe ideas can be found here, visit . Just Wing It At your next tailgate, skip the flatware and go straight for a fan favorite that only requires your hands and a stack of napkins: wings. These Game Day Chicken Wings are excellent for eaters of all types, whether you pick through your pieces or clean each wing to the bone. The dish is simple to c

5 Tips to Save at the Grocery Stores

  ( Among the many monthly expenses that are simply unavoidable, buying groceries is one of the few that's squarely in your own control. While it's a necessity you can't eliminate from your budget completely, there are some simple ways to save a few bucks during future grocery runs. Plan Ahead One of the easiest ways to spend more money (and time) than you intend to at the store is to go in without a list of items you need. Spend a few moments considering the meals you'd like to make in the near future then write down exactly which ingredients you need. Evaluate Shopping Frequency Overbuying perishables like fruits and veggies is one of the many ways food is wasted, but going to the store every day is an inefficiency all its own. Try making a grocery trip once per week on a day you have ample time to think through what you need, how much you need and how long it will last. Say "No" to Snacks It might be difficult to avoid the temptation,

Family Food that Fits Your Fall Schedule

(Family Features) Finding time for a family meal during fall means navigating busy schedules full of school, jobs, social events and more. Squeezing in dinner together calls for an easy dish that takes less than an hour so you can catch up with loved ones. Let your oven do the work for you with this Build-Your-Own Sausage Foil Packet Dinner recipe that requires just 10 minutes of prep before 30 minutes of baking, leaving you plenty of time to help little ones with homework. It all starts with Coleman Natural Uncured Polish Kielbasa, a traditional Polish sausage rope smoked and fully cooked so all you need to do is slice into 1/2-inch pieces and toss together with veggies and seasonings. You can feel good you are serving pork sourced from American family farms that raise their animals crate free with no antibiotics or added hormones ever. An added benefit of this simple recipe is that it’s customizable, allowing you to substitute your family’s favorite flavors to satisfy everyone at

A Winning Recipe to Feed Game Day Fanatics

  (Family Features)   Settling in for an afternoon of gridiron action involves football food from dips and appetizers to full-blown feasts. Whether you are a devoted fanatic, regular observer or simply there for the game time grub, a full day of “homegating” involves appetizing eats to restock the group. One of the easiest ways to take your menu from benchwarmer to superstar status is to add foods from one of the country’s top authentic Mexican food brands, Cacique, to your playbook. For example, flavor-packed, heaping Cheesy Chorizo Nachos can score a touchdown at your gathering, even among the pickiest of fans. When the game is on the line, call on this dish to keep your team satisfied from kickoff to the final whistle. Made with crumbly, creamy, pleasantly milky queso fresco; authentic real cheese queso dip that’s ready in minutes; robust, spicy pork chorizo; fresh-tasting Crema Mexicana; and small-batch homestyle salsa, this shareable dish can feed a houseful of hungry fans. Re

Healthy Baking Swaps for the Holidays

  (Family Features) When hosting loved ones, many hosts pull out their most prized family dishes. After all, most holiday spreads are based on flavor, especially when it comes to baked products and desserts. Put a better-for-you twist on your baked classics this holiday season by swapping out less healthy cooking fats like butter, canola oil and vegetable oil with an option like Pompeian Light Taste Olive Oil. Ideal for baking desserts like this Lemon Cake or Sugar Cookies with Orange Glaze, as well as frying, this light tasting olive oil provides a healthier take on your holiday recipes without impacting the taste you and your guests love. This olive oil is high-quality and authentic, backed by a brand that has been perfecting the craft of olive oil since 1906. Find more better-for-you holiday recipe inspiration at . Lemon Cake Prep time: 10 minutes Cook time: 1 hour, 15 minutes Servings: 30 1 1/3 cups Pompeian Light Taste Olive Oil, plus additional for

A Sweet Coffee Treat

  ( Do you know that moment when something sweet hits your taste buds and a smile instantly spreads across your face? It’s almost magic to some. To others it’s just simply bliss. This holiday season, try something that’s simple yet sophisticated for an easy way to ensure smiles all around. Try an Easy Tiramisu Dip because whether you’re relaxing at home, having a small get-together with friends or joining your annual family gathering virtually, this dip is sure to spread culinary cheer. The recipe starts with “easy,” and it holds true to its name. With a short list of ingredients and only a handful of instructions, this is something you can whip up (literally) in just a few moments. Also, using minimal tools in the kitchen is always a plus for at-home chefs. The only appliance needed to make this recipe is a mixer. The outcome is fluffy, rich and sweet with a hint of espresso. It’s not overpowering, however, so little ones or non-coffee lovers can still enjoy this de

A Simple Snack Without the Discomfort

  (Family Features) Once everyone in the family arrives home from work and school, there just might be a mad dash to the kitchen for a satisfying snack. This Chocolate Strawberry Smoothie provides a sweet way to refuel after long days on the job or in the classroom. Blending family-favorite ingredients like frozen strawberries, yogurt, chocolate syrup and vanilla makes this a simple treat that allows you to avoid spending an entire evening in the kitchen. Plus, it calls for lactose-free milk, allowing those with lactose intolerance to get in on the fun and flavor. Some bodies are unable to break down the sugar found in milk, known as lactose, which causes an upset stomach and a heavy, bloated feeling. Rather than avoiding dairy and missing out on beneficial nutrients, people with lactose intolerance can enjoy real dairy products that are naturally low in or don’t contain lactose without the stomachache. Find more lactose intolerance-friendly recipes at . Watch

A Splendid Smoothie

  ( If you ever find yourself craving something healthy and easy to make, you’re not alone. Maybe you are constantly on the go, chasing after little ones or just started a new job. Whether you’re on the move or relaxing at home, smoothies are a simple way to add nutritious ingredients to your diet. From strawberries and mangos to blueberries and more, there are almost limitless smoothie options. You can use different combinations of greens and textures or even add something savory like peanut or almond butter. This Blueberry Banana Smoothie is simple with just a couple basic directions and gives you the energy you need to finish out your day strong. It has 1 cup of spinach, which is full of iron and vitamins, frozen bananas and blueberries to fill up your fruit intake for the day and berry yogurt to add a hint of dairy and some sweetness to your drink. Garnish your finished product with fresh blueberries for some extra flair. With chia seeds for added texture, t

5 Tips for Having a Safe Halloween with Your Pets

  5 Tips to Celebrate Halloween with Pets (Family Features) Whether you're going to a party, celebrating on social media, or greeting little ghouls and goblins at home, involving the entire family – including the four-legged family members – in Halloween festivities can be the best treat of all. However, you should take some precautions to avoid frightening your pets, especially if you'll be dressing them up for the occasion. Keep these tips from PetSmart's resident veterinarian and pet care expert, Dr. Jennifer Freeman, DVM, in mind to ensure your pets are comfortable in their costumes and can celebrate stress-free. Take small steps. Begin by putting on a simple accessory, such as a bandana, on your pets. Check to see if they will allow it and walk around with it on for a few minutes. Not all pets enjoy wearing clothes, and some may become stressed or agitated while dressed up. Many people, however, only require a little coaxing and positive reinforcement, such as prais

Enhance the Meaning of Halloween and Contribute to a Good Cause

  Adding Meaning to Halloween to Support a Good Cause (Family Features) As the world grapples with major crisis, including the COVID-19 pandemic, families may be forced to rethink their traditional trick-or-treating plans this year. There are, however, ways to help make a difference while also celebrating Halloween virtually. Trick-or-treating for UNICEF, the United Nations Children's Fund, is one way to make Halloween more meaningful. This annual tradition, which is celebrating more than 70 years of fundraising, is America's longest running youth engagement campaign and has raised more than $180 million to help support children's health care, education, nutrition, safe water, emergency relief, and other causes. Last year, the beloved program was launched as a virtual experience in an effort to responsibly celebrate Halloween while socially distancing. This Halloween, it is becoming a completely digital experience. Participating virtually can be just as rewarding. The fu

Simple, Nutritious Recipes to Simplify Family Meals

Easy healthy dinner ideas (Family Features)  Dinners that are nutrient-dense help keep loved ones connected while refueling after a long day at work or school. Dairy foods – which are essential components of many at-home meals – provide nutrients that help people of all ages develop and maintain stronger bodies and minds. However, some bodies are unable to break down the sugar found in milk, known as lactose, which causes an upset stomach and a heavy, bloated feeling. Rather than avoiding dairy and missing out on beneficial nutrients, people with lactose intolerance can enjoy real dairy products that are naturally low in or don't contain lactose without the stomachache with foods like: Lactose-free milk, which is real milk with the same 13 essential nutrients as regular milk Hard and aged cheeses, such as cheddar, colby, Monterey Jack, Parmesan and Swiss Yogurt with live and active cultures, which help break down lactose, making it easier to digest These easy-to-