Taking Precautions After A Tai Chi Session

There are some things that you need to do before and after a Tai Chi exercise. These are known as Tai Chi precautions. I believe, this is not new to you because most Tai Chi exercises have certain precautions that everyone that practice Tai Chi Should follow.

Below are some precautions to contemplate (for first timers and for people who have medical conditions):

Precaution #1

Never make an effort to learn Tai Chi through books or online video lessons. A book will only tell you what you should do and what are the basics regarding every move but it is not going to show the right or wrong position. Trying to learn from Tai Chi dvd’s is frustrating.

They’ll make you want to learn Tai Chi, but it will be difficult for you to keep pressing the stop-rewind-play-stop-rewind-play-fast forward remote control keys. Things such as this will never tell you if you’ve made a mistake in your routine. In addition, if you’ve a particular question in mind, your manuals and videos won’t make the merest effort to answer you.

It is always safe to learn from someone who is skilled enough to teach you, PERSONALLY, the basics Of Tai Chi. When you have learned the difference between the right and wrong techniques, that is the right time to practice with your manual or video. First timers should take note of this very seriously.

Precaution #2

When entering a Tai Chi program, you should decide on the teacher who will instruct you. It’s important to make certain that he or she is knowledgeable enough to entertain any of your needs or concerns regarding Tai Chi. This is imperative especially for those who are presently living with arthritis or cardiovascular illnesses as there are certain Tai Chi movements that can be straining and could bring about more pain.

In cases of joint aches, always speak with your doctor. Ask him what are correct Tai Chi movements that can’t create more pain. Explain to you mentor about your medical condition so that he can have an idea on what is appropriate for your condition.

Precaution #3

You should warm-up before and then cool off and take a short rest after. You may not think Tai Chi as a vigorous and strenuous exercise however, it keeps the joints and muscles working overtime.

Precaution #4

If you need to modify some Tai Chi movements, then do it. You’ll find that many Tai Chi movements are in need of your whole to produce a perfect position. But if you do some movements that can cause your performance to become blur, then drop the original movements then modify them.

Precaution #5

If you can’t do a Tai Chi exercise, do’t do it. Practicing Tai Chi only to let people around to see you exercise it, is stressing yourself in the most painful manner. Tai chi is a meditative process and not an stressful one, so don’t do movements that aren’t easy for you to do.

Practice different movements. This movements will not cause harm to you. And it will only take you about 30 minutes to finish an hour’s program. Tai Chi is a perfect exercise for meditative purposes. Nonetheless don’t mistake it with other strenuous exercises that promise that you can loose weight or gain weight, or have perfect abs.

Preventing Arthritis Through Tai Chi

There are many reasons why some people believe Tai Chi helps to reduce the pain and effects of arthritis.

It’s because Tai Chi doesn’t focus only on the medical aspects but also in the healing properties of the mind. An inner energy that is called Qi.

Mind Power
The power of the positive mind can cure a lot of sickness and disabilities. A positive mind can help integrate and hasten healing. Tai Chi connects the mind and body manipulation of the mind that is conscious. It directs the internal force within the body and the force directs the movement produced. Upon practicing Tai Chi, a person focuses on the coordination and the movements of the body. Through mental training, Tai Chi enhances mind clarity, mood, and improves proper relaxation. Continue reading “Preventing Arthritis Through Tai Chi”

Benefits of Tai Chi to Peoples Health

Not only can Tai Chi relax the mind and the soul but also prevent the extent of certain illnesses to spread through the body. It is a very good way of maintaining health. Tai Chi is not a disease curing technique but can be complemented as a form of therapy.

As an exercise, Tai Chi can increase the strength of muscles and enhance the flexibility and balance of a person. Those who practice Tai Chi are exploiting the powers of yin and yang therefore the exercises are designed to especially express the forces in a harmonious and balanced form.

As believed, Tai Chi can increase the flow of energy thus increasing the strength and promoting the serenity and harmony in every system of the body. Its the meditative and calming aspect of Tai Chi that makes the movements useful in every aspect that can reduce or otherwise eliminate anxiety and stress forming inside the body. It was confirmed by those who underwent sessions of Tai Chi that it really works for personal well-being.

One of the major causes of disability and death among elderly people is loss of balance in more ways than one, falling. By practicing Tai Chi, balance in older people can improve thus reducing the risk of falling.

Problems regarding the circulatory process of the heart can be remedied by involving oneself in Tai Chi. By practicing Tai Chi, it can enable the heart to pump enough blood throughout the body and thereby improving the systems circulation.

Tai Chi can be used to increase the range of motion without even causing a twinge of pain to the arthritic joint plus improving the flexibility of the bones and strengthening the surrounding muscles. It is not to be addressed that Tai Chi can cure the disease itself but it only lessens its severity and the contributing pain by working on those joints as early as possible.

Studies show that stress is one of the major causes of numerous diseases and disorders that is why there have been ways used to lessen a persons stress. One of which is engaging in Tai Chi. As a meditation function, Tai Chi can reduce the production of toxins and hormones that contributes to stress reflected into the organs in the body.

Multiple Sclerosis
Through Tai Chi, a person can reduce the risk of having, in time, multiple sclerosis. This was stated under foremost studies that Tai Chi can improve the mental and physical well-being of a person.


For your Tai Chi experience to become more reproductive and effective, choose a practitioner that is a master of the different aspects and knows what is best for your present day situation.

There are no age limits when it comes to practicing Tai Chi. Everyone is welcome to join. Although, if you are really old and can no longer take such vigorous activities, better consult your physician on what is best before engaging in Tai Chi.

Always remember to inform your instructor of any health problems that you have so that he or she can make certain measures to provide you with the ability to do such movements. Tai Chi must not make you feel any pain. If you do feel any pain, tell your instructor right away.