Benefits Of Blogs Over Static Web Sites

Blogs are winning over static sites. Where we used to see static sites, These days we see more and more blogs. Even on static sites, folks are adding blogs to their web sites. Blogs are nowadays utilised by people to express their opinions or by business that come short in keeping customers trained about new products or special offers. Blogs obviously have a few extra distinct benefits over static sites.

Blogs are simple to build and easily up dated with unique content. With a traditional static web site, you have to know how to write HTML, or PHP, or other computer language. And then, when you create a page, you will have to up load it to a host. When a page gets on a host, you have to check then make ensure is in format and set up is correct, and everything is in a correct place. If is not, you have to change codes on that page, and then up load it once again. Once you write a blog post, just log in, write a post, click a publish button, you are done.

Because of ease of posting on a blog, you can produce regular posts. This puts up brand new content regularly. Up dated content is a benefit for new readers, it keeps them getting back a web site reading new posts. Search engines also love finding new articles, keeping a web site ranked well.

You can start writing blog articles, publishing them free of charge, in platforms such as Blogger, Tumblr, and WordPress. If at present you have a domain, you can also instal blog software on a site, often free of charge. Most blogging software or free blogging services offer options for customising a blog. If looking for better blog templates with one column, 2 columns, more columns. You can change colors o fonts. You can make a blog look any way according to your needs.

Virtually all blog software or blogging services offer plugins to extend functionality of blogs. Most blogging platforms offer plugins which make it easy for readers to share posts on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, or other web 2.0 sites. This will assist in giving any blog a better exposure. Other plugins can help with search engine optimization of a site, making a web site more appealing for search engines. There are also plugins, some of these plugins can earn some income from any blog.

Blogs facilitate easy interaction with readers. On most blogs, there’s a possibility for people to leave a comment on a post. On some popular blogs, you may see some resilient debates going on in the comments section. On a business web site, the interactivity can also be a highly valuable tool. By reading comments, the business owner can read consumer coments, and respond to consumer concerns. Blogs are thus simple to set up that there’s no reason not to have one. If you own a business you can utilize the blog to keep consumers updated on what is happening, or just to converse with the purchasers. Posting fresh and original content regularly will keep your clients getting back, and will keep them happy.

So there you have it, I hope you have learnt someting new from reading the advantages of having a blog over a static web site.